What The Cool Kids Are Saying!

Mrs. Pyrch changed my life. With her “Dream Big” mentality, she helped shape the rest of my life in a way I didn’t even think to.  When I walked in on the first day of Public Speaking class with Mrs. Pyrch just thinking I was here to do a few speeches, I walked out her classroom a few months later more empowered than ever and I knew I had secured a mentor for life.  From the classroom to her book and beyond, Mrs. Pyrch puts 110% into everything she does and her why will always be her students. A huge plus is that Mrs. Pyrch knows how to add humor to make things that much more enjoyable.  Every one of her students loves her for that!

Sammi Reyes, Class of 2019

I had Mrs. Pyrch for Public Speaking in my senior year of high school. Before I took the class, I was not very confident in my speaking skills. Mrs. Pyrch helped me overcome my anxiety. She was kind, patient, and offered many helpful suggestions to improve my speeches. I am currently utilizing the skills I learned in her class in my university classes. I am exceedingly grateful to Mrs. Pyrch for all her help!

Claire Hintze, Class of 2019

Having Mrs. Pyrch as a teacher and being in her classroom was a highlight of my high school years and it has no doubt helped me during times in college. Not only did she make her classroom a safe place for students to learn and grow, but her constant encouragement to get out there and pursue your dreams was inspirational. There was never a day when you didn’t feel her excitement to help and push students to do their best. There was never a day when she didn’t remind us of how much potential we had, how anything was possible. The way she taught with so much passion and the way she engaged with students clearly showed she was meant to inspire. Mrs. Pyrch was one of the best teachers I have had, and her lessons and words of encouragement will always carry on.

Anonymous, Class of 2019

Mrs. Pyrch’s lessons have stuck with me from my senior year of high school to my college experience. Because of her, I feel more confident addressing a large group of people and holding their attention. Not only has she taught me important skills that I can use in my college classrooms, but she has also impacted how I can learn from others and instilled her own confidence in me which was something really special.

Hannah Lustig, Class of 2019

What was different about Mrs. Pyrch’s class was that we could get real about ourselves, our past, our future, and got to really reflect on all its aspects. I also think this brought up a lot of realization that we would be leaving the place we call home. A lot of things became eye-opening, but that was a good thing because it always kept me thinking and growing.

Emma Kittredge, Class of 2019

Being a part of Mrs. Pyrch’s class was, in all honesty, an unforgettable experience. In school, I was extremely shy. I didn’t speak to anyone outside my close group of friends, I was too scared of humiliation or embarrassment. The class was filled with a generous amount of “popular” kids, which was extremely intimidating to me at first. But as the year went on I came to realize that social labels weren’t a thing in Pyrch’s room. I was talking to people who I was sure didn’t know I existed, it was eye-opening. I opened up in Mrs. Pyrch’s class, became more aware and confident. If it wasn’t for that class I honestly don’t think I’d be anywhere near where I am today.

Brooke Pender, Class of 2019

Mrs. Pyrch is the realest woman I know.  Her advice is spot on and her outlook on life is something I hope to absorb.  I can’t wait for you to finish your book; you’re an awesome person, Mrs. Pyrch.  

Anonymous, Class of 2019

Mrs. Pyrch, You ROCK! Your class was so engaging and you teach your students so much more than just English.  

Anonymous, Class of 2019

Mrs. Pyrch was the first English teacher I had who helped me actually enjoy reading and writing. She is the kindest and caring teacher and wants nothing but the best for all her students. Going to her class was the best part of my day, and energy she gives out daily always made my day better!!! I miss her class every day but I’m so excited for all the new students every year who have the privilege of having Mrs. Pyrch as their teacher!

Maddie Myers, Class of 2018

Mrs. Pyrch’s class was not only fun and engaging back when I took it in high school, now as a full time singer I take the public speaking skills we learned in class and apply them to every performance I do. Her class helped me tremendously!

Chris Ruggiero, Class of 2017

I had the privilege of attending multiple high school English classes, as well as a public speaking class taught by Mrs. Pyrch. At the time, my reading and writing skills lacked a strong foundation that I needed prior to entering college. Mrs. Pyrch was able to uniquely identify ways to teach me, and she provided me with the tools that I needed to excel during high school, my time at the United States Naval Academy, and now as a graduate student. These skills have also been significantly advantageous throughout my career as an officer in the United States Navy. Perhaps the greatest benefit her students receive, however, is a mentor for life. I reached out to Mrs. Pyrch on multiple occasions while pursuing my undergraduate degree for both academic assistance and mentorship, and she continued to provide me with the highest level of education and advice.

LT Rob Lombardo, Class of 2009
Asst. Force Tactical, Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific
N72A, Warfare Tactics Instructor

Pyrch has inspired me to pursue writing and I couldn’t be more thankful for her and her guidance throughout the years.

Meg Morgante, Class of 2017
Founder and Editor, Noemi Magazine